Our Local Westmont Farmers Market

In February, the Westmont township Business Improvement District (BID), announced that the annual Westmont Farmers Market would be discontinued before it could make it’s 11th year. For 10 years, community members have gathered to shop from the farmers, food trucks and vendors from the area. The BID did not take into consideration how much taking away this event would effect the community.

After a public outcry the outcome has changed for the Westmont Farmers Market. By moving it from Haddon Square over to Reeve ave, they are able to open the market in time, from the first Wednesday in May until October. More information about the Westmont Farmers Market can be found here.

Many have differing feelings about the change of location and the future of the Westmont Farmers Market. Only time will tell if the new location will be beneficial. One thing everyone can agree on is that they are happy that the farmers market opened back up this past Wednesday.