Laura Stark, Graphic Designer

Graphic designer Laura Stark brings the sensibilities of a 15-year career in corporate communications to clients seeking clear, clean, professional branding and marketing. A writer as well as a designer, Stark’s experience in branding and extends from the print to digital worlds.

“I have an obsession with paper and printing processes,” she said. “I got my start at a printing company. I like the tactile sensation; the fact that there’s a history of how it all began in wood blocks.”

Stark’s work is rooted in that elementary foundation, and forged in a decade of business experience that honed her problem-solving skills and refined her eye for detail. She cites designers as diverse as Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, and Louise Filli as influences on her work. Although she can tackle any design job, Stark prefers to work with start-up clients, and at The Factory, she’s met plenty.

“I love to take something from the beginning,” Stark said. “I like a clean slate, and to make sense of everything.”

When she was clearing her own slate, Stark chose The Factory because she was looking for a dedicated professional space in which to meet her clients. The more time she’s spent in the space, the more opportunities have followed.

“I can get in the zone here,” Stark said.