Katie Locke, Artist

Artist Katie Locke traces her South Jersey roots through her Philadelphia MFA education. The abstract painter creates monochromatic studies in textures from her environment, distilled into isolated moments of color and sensation.

When Locke was searching for a work space that suited her tastes, she settled on The Factory. Although she resides in West Philadelphia, the commute to New Jersey gives her work some cultural distance from the moods of the city while immersing her in an inclusive creative community that’s got its own inertia.

“You get such a great vibe going in,” Locke said. “It feels really good to be there. It’s cool to be able to see other things happening; to be talking to people doing different kinds of different things.”

Locke said she especially appreciates how owner Tom Marchetty helped her feel right at home in the creative community, introducing her to other tenants in the building, and them to her.

“He fosters a sense of community in a way other people can’t,” Locke said. “It’s different and it’s really nice.”