Juan Guillen-Luna, Cigar Maker

Juan Guillen-Luna hails from a fourth-generation Nicaraguan tobacco farm, and cigars are its stock in trade. After selling his Tampa, Florida-based business, Guillen-Luna is looking to locate his next venture in New Jersey: Juan Luna Cigars, Inc.

His business model centers on handmade cigar manufacturing, micro-distribution, and e-commerce, but it is also built around a social responsibility component that distinguishes Juan Luna Cigars from other premium tobacco brands. Guillen-Luna works with Heart to Hire, an entrepreneurship training program for prisoners preparing for their re-entry into society.

“I decided to move back to Jersey, where I have roots from childhood, and explore the opportunities,” Guillen-Luna said.

Guillen-Luna is building his business at The Factory Cherry Hill for its convenient loading dock, inventory space, and room to grow the business. He will build a walk-in humidor at the facility, and also plans for Juan Luna Cigars to provide hand-rolled cigar services at area microbreweries. Guillen-Luna is relying on the centralized location of The Factory to support the logistics of his operations.

“It’s got the perfect setup,” he said. “It’s got room to grow into, and it’s a nice location, convenient to the interstate. I can be in Philadelphia in 15 minutes without the traffic.”