Jeremy Iris Williams, Artist

The work of wood sculpturist and painter Jeremy Iris Williams relies on a variety of influences, many of which he said are honed at the artistic and artisanal crossroads that is The Factory. In addition to its extensive inventory of woodworking, metalworking, and fabrication equipment, the Collingswood makerspace is home to an interdisciplinary network of creative people from which Williams takes inspiration, encouragement, and comfort.

“I have my own tools but there’s every kind of tool that I could ask for at The Factory,” he said. “It’s one thing to be an artist, but having other ideas from other people really helps me express my art even more.”

When Williams was stuck on an engineering problem while embedding a light fixture into one of his pieces, his neighbor across the hallway offered technical advice as well as critical feedback. Interactions like those are commonplace at The Factory, and for Williams, it lets him know he’s in the right place.

“I’ve got the whole package here,” he said. “Getting to know people and see how they work, and how I work, it becomes kind of like a family. I like it. It’s totally what I needed.”