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the things we really wish we could say

I’ve been making cards since high school simply to make my friends laugh. Everything I do is to make my friends laugh. So I figured if I can make them laugh, then I might be able to make strangers laugh too. After all, if you’re on this page and reading this section, we probably would have been friends in high school.

My dad was a funny man. Not inappropriate funny or obnoxious funny like I can be, but just dumb punny-funny. He was always smiling and laughing. He passed away in 2014 only knowing about the cards I made for family and friends, having received many of them himself. He was a huge card guy. It was the more important part of the giving of something. And if you didn’t have one, he let you know (or me rather). So I guess I can say that my shop was inspired by my father (Chuck) and my dream of making cards that speak the truth. Even if it’s sometimes a shitty truth.

I love writing and I make everything. I come up with the lines and print the card and cut the card and score the card and package the card and ship it out. My partner Phoebe just lies there all day and snores and eats my Rainbow flip flops to death.

Sometimes I have a trash mouth and trash mind and you feel that in my writing. Other times I can be partially sweet. You’ll find both in this store.

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