Machinery Purchase and Repair.

PO LogoAfter so many years servicing machinery, Tom saw a real need for a trusted, easy-to-use site tailored to the needs of schools and shops required to generate quotes and/or purchase wood and metal working machinery at affordable prices. was created to fill that need.  Competitively priced with sites like Amazon and Ebay, we always sell for less than MSRP.  Shop the site on your own, or contact us for help.



Marchetty Machinery LogoWith 38 years in the business, Marchetty Machinery knows machines.  We provide service and repair for woodworking, metalworking, packaging, bakery and other assorted machinery and equipment.  Our customers include but aren’t limited to schools, hospitals, institutions, privately-owned businesses, municipalities, chiropractors, bakeries and pasta manufacturing companies.  We serve South and Central New Jersey, and the surrounding Philadelphia areas.  Visit our site, or contact us for your service needs.

Call us: 1-856-854-7790